Veshoz village private limited as a company to grow and manage herb product specially Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a popular medicinal plant that people have used for thousands of years. Our company has been manufacturing Industrial raw material for cosmetic, medicine and beverage and RMG sector. Aloe Vera leaf cultivation shares in Bangladesh in particular our area. The Aloe Vera main raw material of aloe Vera product. Many people prefer aloe Vera because it can easily supply the nutrients that are apt to be short in modern diets. In recent years, Aloe Vera related product  has spread around the world market.

Our fields for Aloe Vera  one of the pioneer and First company  in Bangladesh who planned to use for industrial grade of production specially Aloe Vera based, and our raw material process business heavily relies on the cooperation with local contract growers. Despite the large age difference between the contract growers, we all share the same objective: to endorse continuous improvement for the local agricultural industry. As the area we cultivate is recognized as a world agricultural heritage, it is important for us to protect the environment and manage our activities as efficiently as possible

We establish VESHOZ VILLAGE PRIVATE LIMITED in July 2020 and thereby expanding into the field of contract HERB farmers ESPECIALLY Aloe Vera . In addition, we are making efforts to help all contract growers get certified.